Andy Bonner and the Granada Reports team have been over to the Wirral to find out about the engage driving scheme and interview some of the team.

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Andy went out in the car with Jane Rooney, a local driving instructor who is part of the engage scheme, and her pupil Damian.

Rhian Hughes, of Wirral Council’s Road Safety Team, which helps run the scheme said: “Andy had the opportunity to see what an engage driving lesson looks like – which looks very much like a normal lesson, only we discuss some key issues which can affect the safety of new drivers.

“Today Jane talked about distraction, but even before the lesson started Jane asked Damian to store his phone safely away, as they do this at the beginning of every lesson.”

ITV cover engage driving scheme wirral merseyside liverpool cheshire
Driving instructor Jane Rooney, Paul Mountford from Merseyside Road Safety Partnership & pupil Damian

“They talked in-depth about distraction and how even hands-free mobiles can pose a significant risk for drivers.

“Jane doesn’t lecture Damian – it’s a two-way discussion using a learner-centred approach where the learner is supported to understand the issue themselves and explore the risks. This way, pupils are more likely to take on board the key messages.

“All our instructors attend training sessions to learn these techniques.”

Andy Bonner spoke to Paul Mountford from Merseyside Road Safety Partnership about the scheme and why Merseyside and Cheshire are working in partnership on the engage driving scheme to improve road safety.

Andy also went to meet Karen Kujawa at her home.

Karen lost her 19-year-old daughter in a collision on the 2 December 2015 when the young male driver she was travelling with, lost control of his car and collided with a tree. The driver received a 40-month sentence.

Karen continues to support the engage scheme and is an advocate for improving the education that new drivers receive so they are road ready from day one with a better understanding of the risks and consequences of their actions.

If you are a driving instructor working across Merseyside and Cheshire we would love you to join our mission to reduce death and serious injury on the roads.

Click here or get in touch for more information about becoming an engage registered driving instructor.

You can find your nearest engage instructor here.

ITV cover engage driving scheme wirral merseyside liverpool cheshire
From left, Rhian Hughes of Wirral Council’s Road Safety Team, driving instructor Jane Rooney, pupil Damian, ITV’s Andy Bonner, Jean Hunt of Sefton Council, Sarah Collins from Cheshire West & Cheshire Council, and Paul Mountford of Merseyside Road Safety Partnership.