Greater Manchester launch survey for public engagement on Vision Zero

People in Greater Manchester can now have their say on new plans to eliminate all deaths and life changing injuries on the city-region’s roads by 2040.

driving lessons to restart covid 19

Road Skills Experience for CWAC employees

This year, 26 Cheshire West and Chester Council employees under the age of 25, have attended a Young Driver theory and on-road practical session.  

Driving Safer for Longer in Cheshire West and Chester

Cheshire West and Chester Council’s Road Safety Team have been holding Driving Safer for Longer sessions for residents over the age of 60.

Think Car visits town centres to spread safety message

Cheshire West and Chester Council have been working alongside Cheshire Constabulary and Cheshire Fire and Rescue to take the Think Car to town centres across the region.

engage driving instructors

Cheshire West and Chester Council Road Safety Team offer further support

The Road Safety team at Cheshire West and Chester Council offer support and training for staff who drive with a variety of issues.

Safer Roads Watch scheme continues to grow

Safer Roads Watch scheme continues to grow across Merseyside and Wirral now has 10 groups, including 4 independent ones, set up. 

Op Limit stats – Merseyside Police arrest 660 drink and drug drivers

Merseyside Police arrested the most drug drivers of any individual force during the campaign.

Tips on Continued Professional Development (CPD) for ADI’s

The start of the year is a great time for ADI’s to plan the continual professional development (CPD) you want to focus on in 2024.

Drivers ‘unknowingly put themselves in danger during motorway breakdowns’

Nearly 80% of drivers would unknowingly put themselves in danger after breaking down on the motorway, a new survey by RAC shows

DVSA publish latest test data

The DVSA’s latest data and statistics about car driving tests, showing pass rates for each driving test centre by gender and ethnicity, and first-time passes.

Arriva Bus announces Stop and Stay road safety campaign

Arriva Bus has announced a campaign which encourages passengers, particularly children to wait after getting off the bus before crossing the road.

DVSA Chief Executive, Loveday Ryder on driving test waiting times

DVSA Chief Executive, Loveday Ryder talks about the work done so far to reduce driving test waiting times

More police forces join National Highways trial of new safety cameras

New technology can automatically detect motorists who are not wearing a seatbelt or using mobile phones while driving

Intelligent Instructor Convention 2024  

The latest ADINJC and Intelligent Instructor Convention is taking place in Staffordshire on Sunday 12 May 2024

young people not learning to drive

New data on the driving test backlog

The wait for driving tests continues to be a point of frustration for learners.

Road Safety GB Aging Driver ADI Course

RSGB are running a course on how to support older drivers

Local Driving Instructor Association wins top award

Wirral Association of Professional Driving Instructors has won a top national award

‘Your Car Can’t Say No’

Safer Roads Greater Manchester (SFGM) has launched a new campaign to highlight the devastating consequences of driving under the influence of drink or drugs.

Research aims to reduce road crashes caused by sleepiness

A new research project is aiming to reduce road crashes caused by sleepiness.

2022 Speed Compliance Statistics

Department for Transport figures show that in 2022, under free-flowing traffic conditions, 55% of cars complied with the speed limit on motorways, 89% on National Speed Limit single carriageways and…

Road Safety Week 2023 Focus on Speed

The theme for this year’s Road safety Week is ‘Let’s Talk About SPEED’.

Work upgrading safety cameras across Greater Manchester to begin this summer

Transport for Greater Manchester are upgrading 100 spot speed cameras across the region with state-of-the-art technology to improve road safety.

Merseyside Police Summer Drink and Drug Driving Campaign

Merseyside Police have released figures for ‘Operation Limit’ a force response to tackling drink/drug drive offences.

Merseyside Scheme reaches 1000 mark to keep roads safer

A Merseyside Road Safety Partnership scheme is helping to keep roads safer, with support from the local community.

Wirral to introduce more 20mph speed limits

Over the next four years, Wirral will be looking to introduce 20mph speed limits in 54 zones of residential roads across the borough.

Cheshire Active Travel Festival

ATFest, Chester’s first Active Travel Festival took place on Saturday 18 June 2023.

Bike Week 2023

Cheshire West and Chester Council urged people get on two wheels for Bike Week 2023.

Cheshire West and Chester Council complete 800 highways repairs

An additional £278,000 funding for road maintenance was announced by Cheshire West and Chester Council at the beginning of June

New members join engage partnership

The Engage team have hosted a number of meetings to promote the scheme to ADI’s across Cheshire.

Research highlights drug driving concerns among young motorists

New research has revealed that almost a third (28%) of those aged 16-24 have driven under the influence of illegal drugs, or been a passenger inside a vehicle where the driver has taken illegal drugs

Greater Manchester Safer Driver Seminar: August 1, 2023

On Tuesday 1 August Safer Roads Greater Manchester (SRGM) are hosting their second Safer Driver Seminar. Book your place now.

Drink drive deaths double in Scotland

New figures highlight that the number of drink drive deaths on Scotland’s roads has doubled in the last decade.

Parents urged to stop putting lives at risk with illegal parking

Emergency services in the North-East are pleading with parents to park more responsibly during the school run

Pioneering enforcement cameras trialled in Devon and Cornwall

A ‘ground-breaking’ camera system which uses AI to catch drivers using mobile phones behind the wheel is being trialled in Devon and Cornwall. 

Highway Code: 61% of drivers have not read new guidance, AA survey suggests

More than three-fifths of UK motorists have not read recent updates to the Highway Code, according to the AA. 

Greater Manchester news

The latest road safety news from the Greater Manchester region

Merseyside news

The latest road safety news from the Merseyside region

Cheshire West and Chester News

The latest road safety news from the Cheshire West and Chester region

It is all about the speed!

The EU has been actively pursuing several new in-vehicle initiatives, one of which is Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA). Find out more here...

Welcome to Safer Roads Greater Manchester

We are delighted to announce that Safer Roads Greater Manchester have joined the Engage scheme!

Wirral Association of Professional Driving Instructors Wins National Award

Wirral Association of Professional Driving Instructors have been awarded the Intelligent Instructor Local Driving Instructor Association of the Year award 2022.

Mock driving tests: making them realistic

DVSA have produced new guidance to help ADI’s carry out more realistic mock driving tests

How your driving might reveal early signs of Alzheimer’s

Scientists say differences in how you control a vehicle as you age could be associated with the early stages of Alzheimer's disease

Drivers who kill could receive life sentences under law reform

Drivers who kill could receive life sentences as part of changes coming into force this week

road collisions

Government announce creation of a Roads Collision Investigation Branch

The Government has announced the creation of a Roads Collision Investigation Branch (RCIB).

Young Drivers Focus

Young driver conference returns in 2022

After an enforced two-year gap, the Young Driver Focus conference will return in 2022.

young people not learning to drive

Cost is deterring young people from learning to drive

With the number of young people getting behind the wheel in decline, a survey carried out by IAM RoadSmart highlights reasons why many young people aged 17-24 years have put the brakes on learning to…

baroness vere

Government consults on plans to set up Road Collision Investigation Branch

The DfT has launched a consultation on proposals to set up a Road Collision Investigation Branch (RCIB), which would operate much like similar independent bodies that already exist in the air,…

new Hanover street crossing in Liverpool

Liverpool stages ‘UK first’ pedestrian crossing trial

Liverpool City Council has organised the ‘UK’s first nudge-behaviour trial’ for a new style pedestrian crossing.

road safety heroes

Partnership salutes local road safety heroes

Communities from across Merseyside have been celebrated for embracing an initiative to improve road safety where they live.

safe streets wirral

Wirral trials ‘School Streets’ scheme

A new trial project is under way that is intended to make the school run safer, healthier and happier for children, families and the wider community.

New engage posters

New leaflet promotes Engage to ADIs

A new leaflet has been produced to attract new ADIs to the Engage scheme. 

new website

DVSA relaunches Safe Driving for Life website

The DVSA has relaunched the Safe Driving for Life website with a host of new features for both learners and ADIs.

Highway Code changes to provide clearer guidance on motorway driving

The Highway Code will be updated later this year to help road users better understand how motorways and major A-roads operate.

Young driver fatalities fall in 2020

Following a year impacted by Covid-19 restrictions, statistics show the number of young drivers killed on Britain’s roads fell in 2020.

learners giving up

Covid delays leave some learners ‘disheartened’

One in 20 learner drivers have given up trying to pass their test as a result of delays caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, analysis suggests.

rural road risk

Rural roads pose ‘specific and significant risk’ to young drivers

Research from the AA Charitable Trust shows 71% of fatal car crashes involving young drivers take place on rural roads.

campaign video

Campaign launched in Cheshire as restrictions lift

With traffic levels expected to increase after 19 July, Cheshire’s emergency services are asking all road users to look out for one another to help prevent collisions, deaths and serious injuries.

Thank Campaign

THINK! delivers passionate team talk to young drivers

THINK! has teamed up with Radio 1 DJ Chris Stark and the County Football Association to deliver a ‘passionate team talk’ to young drivers.

Project EDWARD

Project EDWARD activities

Merseyside Police and Merseyside Road Safety Partnership recently joined forces as part of this year’s Project EDWARD (Every Day Without a Road Death).

Fewer young drivers killed in 2019

Fewer young drivers killed in 2019

The number of 17-24 year-olds killed in reported road traffic collisions decreased in 2019, continuing the general year-on-year downward trend.

drivers licence

MPs continue to ponder graduated driver licencing

The debate about whether to introduce graduated driver licencing (GDL) continues, with MPs hearing from a number of academics during a recent evidence session.

the Festival of Road Safety

Engage warms up for Festival slot

A presentation about the Engage initiative features as part of the line-up of a month-long road safety festival, in which driving instructors are being invited to participate.

UK set for shortage of driving instructors?

A provider of young driver insurance has warned the UK could face a shortage of driving instructors over the coming years.

Driving instructor expo 2021

Driving instructor conference and expo returns in 2021

The second edition of the ADINJC & Intelligent Instructor Conference & Expo will take place at the Heart of England Conference Centre, Coventry, on 25 April 2021.

drink driving drug driving e-learning course

New e-learning course deals with alcohol and drug impairment

A new online e-learning course that deals with impairment by alcohol and drugs is now available for ADIs to complete in their own time.

drink driving warning lockdown UK

Emergency services issue alcohol and drug warning

With pubs, bars and restaurants able to open from 4 July, Cheshire’s emergency services are urging motorists not to get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol or taking drugs

electric scooters escooters uk

Look out for electric scooters!

Driving instructors operating in some of the region’s bigger towns and cities could find themselves coming across electric scooters on the road for the first time in the coming weeks.

driving lessons to restart covid 19

Government gives green light for driving lessons to resume

Having been suspended since March, the resumption of driving lessons on 4 July will have come as welcome news to ADIs across the country

engage driving instructor online meeting

Engage Approved Driving Instructors: This month’s meeting will be online!

Driving instructors who are members of the Engage scheme are being invited to join an online meeting later this month

engage driving instructors

Driving Tests and the Covid-19 / Coronavirus pandemic

What should a learner driver do if their theory or practical test has been cancelled because of the Covid-19?

takle extra care campaign

Driving Instructors: 
Step up and support the Take Extra Care Coronavirus campaign

Driving instructors are being encouraged to support a nationwide campaign which asks all road users to help reduce the strain on the emergency services during the coronavirus pandemic.

coronavirus car mot

Coronavirus: vehicle owners granted MOT exemption

The Government has reiterated the importance of keeping vehicles in a roadworthy condition, after granting owners a six-month exemption from MOT testing

driving at night

Learner drivers urged to get ‘essential’ night-time driving experience

Learner drivers are being encouraged to take lessons in the dark, in a bid to cut the ‘high proportion’ of night-time collisions involving young drivers

Road Safety Survey

Driving instructors: Have your say on emerging road safety issues

Driving instructors from across Wirral, Merseyside and Cheshire are being encouraged to complete a new survey on emerging road safety issues

mobile phone use while driving law uk

The cost of using your mobile phone while driving

Did you know that as a new driver using your phone while driving can cost you your licence? Read our guide on the cost and dangers of using your phone when behind the wheel

Engage Driving Instructor Seminar 2020 Cheshire Merseyside

Engage Driving Instructor Seminar 2020 proves a huge success

More than 80 driver instructors from across Merseyside and Cheshire attended the Engage Driving Instructor Seminar 2020

seatbelts road safety seatbelt law

Seatbelts: Are you wearing yours?

The humble seatbelt. It may seem like a simple piece of technology but when it comes to safety it is one of the most important parts of your car.

THINK! ‘Party Car’ highlights distraction dangers to learner drivers

Three new THINK! ‘Party Car’ films show how distracting certain behaviours – which may seem minor – can be to a driver. 

Educating learner drivers on smart motorways

The safety record of smart motorways has come under increased scrutiny in recent weeks - so it’s perhaps even more important for learner drivers to understand how they operate.

Research project to evaluate pre-driver education

All ADIs understand the importance of providing road safety education to learner and pre drivers - but what is the best way to do this?

Instructors encouraged to play their part in mobile phone campaign

Local police forces will be undertaking enforcement next month to educate drivers on the dangers of using a mobile phone at the wheel

The latest on Graduated Driver Licensing

Road safety organisations have long lobbied for graduated driver licensing (GDL) to be introduced in England.

Driving instructors needed for research project

ADIs in Merseyside and Cheshire are being asked to recruit students for a national research project

what is the engage driving scheme

Two-day ADI Client Centred Learning Course

A Two-Day Course to provide ADIs with deep understanding of client-centred learning

Driver fatigue… why does driving make you tired and how to avoid it

Driver fatigue: why does driving make you tired and how to avoid it

We all know that drunk drivers, drug drivers and drivers distracted by their phones are a major danger. But we often overlook one of the biggest killers… fatigue.

Karen's Story - Losimng My Only Child to a car accident

Karen’s Story: The Pain Of Losing My Only Child

Four years ago this Christmas, 19-year-old Elizabeth Buckley lost her life after a first date ended in tragedy.

ITV cover engage driving scheme wirral merseyside liverpool cheshire

engage driving to feature on ITV news

Andy Bonner and the Granada Reports team have been over to the Wirral to find out about the engage driving scheme

Yvonnes story. Life without adam

Life without Adam. Yvonne’s story

Yvonne lost her son to a road collision that could have been avoided. She tells her story here.

project edward

Make your Project EDWARD pledge

Tomorrow (Thursday September 26, 2019) is European Day Without A Road Accident. Are you ready to make your pledge?

What’s it like being an engage driving instructor?

Driving instructor Jane Rooney tells us how joining the engage driving scheme has helped her and her pupils

engage driving scheme

Quick guide to changing a flat tyre

Knowing how to change a flat tyre is an essential skill for any driver as you may get stranded with your phone battery on zero. Here's our quick guide.

The SIX things you should ask before choosing your driving instructor

When you are searching for a driving instructor there are a few key things you need to know. You are going to be spending a lot of time with this person over the next few months or even a year so…

Driving instructors keep learning with engage too

Driving instructors tell how they keep learning too by volunteering to become part of the Engage scheme