Engage partnership update

Engage partnership update
 February 2021

Now that we find ourselves in another lockdown, Engage will continue to provide support in any way we can

Young drivers account for more than a quarter of drug drive arrests

Young drivers account for more than a quarter of drug drive arrests

Figures published by Merseyside and Cheshire Police forces highlight the extent of the issue of drink and drug driving among 17-25 year-olds.

Local and national casualty statistics revealed

Local and national casualty statistics revealed

Despite there being less traffic on the roads as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic - 28 people were still killed in road collisions in Cheshire in 2020

Keep informed on Covid-19 restrictions

Keep informed on Covid-19 restrictions

The latest Covid-19 lockdown has once again brought driving lessons to a halt - and raised lots of questions

Can you help your learners during lockdown?

Can you help your learners during lockdown?

GEM Motoring Assist is urging anyone supervising a learner driver to ensure they are fully aware of the rules and responsibilities faced while in the passenger seat.

‘Be the mate who won’t speed’, young drivers urged

‘Be the mate who won’t speed’, young drivers urged

A new national THINK! publicity campaign is urging young drivers on essential journeys to ‘be the mate who won’t speed’

government says no to GDL

Government says no to GDL

Roads minister Baroness Vere of Norbiton has said the Government is not progressing work on GDL.

Mindful driving

‘Keep your Mind in Gear’, young drivers urged

A short film aimed at young drivers has been launched to promote mindful driving

Show your support and take the road safety pledge

Show your support and take the pledge

Road users across Merseyside are being encouraged to ‘take the pledge’ to be safer and more responsible when using the region’s roads.

Project EDWARD

Project EDWARD activities

Merseyside Police and Merseyside Road Safety Partnership recently joined forces as part of this year’s Project EDWARD (Every Day Without a Road Death).

Fewer young drivers killed in 2019

Fewer young drivers killed in 2019

The number of 17-24 year-olds killed in reported road traffic collisions decreased in 2019, continuing the general year-on-year downward trend.

drivers licence

MPs continue to ponder graduated driver licencing

The debate about whether to introduce graduated driver licencing (GDL) continues, with MPs hearing from a number of academics during a recent evidence session.

the Festival of Road Safety

Engage warms up for Festival slot

A presentation about the Engage initiative features as part of the line-up of a month-long road safety festival, in which driving instructors are being invited to participate.

UK set for shortage of driving instructors?

A provider of young driver insurance has warned the UK could face a shortage of driving instructors over the coming years.

Driving instructor expo 2021

Driving instructor conference and expo returns in 2021

The second edition of the ADINJC & Intelligent Instructor Conference & Expo will take place at the Heart of England Conference Centre, Coventry, on 25 April 2021.

driving instructors support covid-19 coronavirus lockdown uk

Providing online support for driving instructors during the Covid-19 pandemic

A new online e-learning course that deals with impairment by alcohol and drugs is now available for ADIs to complete in their own time.

mandatory MOTs UK

Mandatory MOT testing restarts on 1 August

A new online e-learning course that deals with impairment by alcohol and drugs is now available for ADIs to complete in their own time.

drink driving drug driving e-learning course

New e-learning course deals with alcohol and drug impairment

A new online e-learning course that deals with impairment by alcohol and drugs is now available for ADIs to complete in their own time.

drink driving warning lockdown UK

Emergency services issue alcohol and drug warning

With pubs, bars and restaurants able to open from 4 July, Cheshire’s emergency services are urging motorists not to get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol or taking drugs

electric scooters escooters uk

Look out for electric scooters!

Driving instructors operating in some of the region’s bigger towns and cities could find themselves coming across electric scooters on the road for the first time in the coming weeks.

driving lessons to restart covid 19

Government gives green light for driving lessons to resume

Having been suspended since March, the resumption of driving lessons on 4 July will have come as welcome news to ADIs across the country

engage driving instructor online meeting

Engage Approved Driving Instructors: This month’s meeting will be online!

Driving instructors who are members of the Engage scheme are being invited to join an online meeting later this month

engage driving instructors

Driving Tests and the Covid-19 / Coronavirus pandemic

What should a learner driver do if their theory or practical test has been cancelled because of the Covid-19?

takle extra care campaign

Driving Instructors: 
Step up and support the Take Extra Care Coronavirus campaign

Driving instructors are being encouraged to support a nationwide campaign which asks all road users to help reduce the strain on the emergency services during the coronavirus pandemic.

coronavirus car mot

Coronavirus: vehicle owners granted MOT exemption

The Government has reiterated the importance of keeping vehicles in a roadworthy condition, after granting owners a six-month exemption from MOT testing

driving at night

Learner drivers urged to get ‘essential’ night-time driving experience

Learner drivers are being encouraged to take lessons in the dark, in a bid to cut the ‘high proportion’ of night-time collisions involving young drivers

Road Safety Survey

Driving instructors: Have your say on emerging road safety issues

Driving instructors from across Wirral, Merseyside and Cheshire are being encouraged to complete a new survey on emerging road safety issues

mobile phone use while driving law uk

The cost of using your mobile phone while driving

Did you know that as a new driver using your phone while driving can cost you your licence? Read our guide on the cost and dangers of using your phone when behind the wheel

Engage Driving Instructor Seminar 2020 Cheshire Merseyside

Engage Driving Instructor Seminar 2020 proves a huge success

More than 80 driver instructors from across Merseyside and Cheshire attended the Engage Driving Instructor Seminar 2020

seatbelts road safety seatbelt law

Seatbelts: Are you wearing yours?

The humble seatbelt. It may seem like a simple piece of technology but when it comes to safety it is one of the most important parts of your car.

THINK! ‘Party Car’ highlights distraction dangers to learner drivers

Three new THINK! ‘Party Car’ films show how distracting certain behaviours – which may seem minor – can be to a driver. 

Educating learner drivers on smart motorways

The safety record of smart motorways has come under increased scrutiny in recent weeks - so it’s perhaps even more important for learner drivers to understand how they operate.

Research project to evaluate pre-driver education

All ADIs understand the importance of providing road safety education to learner and pre drivers - but what is the best way to do this?

Instructors encouraged to play their part in mobile phone campaign

Local police forces will be undertaking enforcement next month to educate drivers on the dangers of using a mobile phone at the wheel

The latest on Graduated Driver Licensing

Road safety organisations have long lobbied for graduated driver licensing (GDL) to be introduced in England.

Driving instructors needed for research project

ADIs in Merseyside and Cheshire are being asked to recruit students for a national research project

what is the engage driving scheme

Two-day ADI Client Centred Learning Course

A Two-Day Course to provide ADIs with deep understanding of client-centred learning

Driver fatigue… why does driving make you tired and how to avoid it

Driver fatigue: why does driving make you tired and how to avoid it

We all know that drunk drivers, drug drivers and drivers distracted by their phones are a major danger. But we often overlook one of the biggest killers… fatigue.

Karen's Story - Losimng My Only Child to a car accident

Karen’s Story: The Pain Of Losing My Only Child

Four years ago this Christmas, 19-year-old Elizabeth Buckley lost her life after a first date ended in tragedy.

ITV cover engage driving scheme wirral merseyside liverpool cheshire

engage driving to feature on ITV news

Andy Bonner and the Granada Reports team have been over to the Wirral to find out about the engage driving scheme

Yvonnes story. Life without adam

Life without Adam. Yvonne’s story

Yvonne lost her son to a road collision that could have been avoided. She tells her story here.

project edward

Make your Project EDWARD pledge

Tomorrow (Thursday September 26, 2019) is European Day Without A Road Accident. Are you ready to make your pledge?

What’s it like being an engage driving instructor?

Driving instructor Jane Rooney tells us how joining the engage driving scheme has helped her and her pupils

engage driving scheme

Quick guide to changing a flat tyre

Knowing how to change a flat tyre is an essential skill for any driver as you may get stranded with your phone battery on zero. Here's our quick guide.

The SIX things you should ask before choosing your driving instructor

When you are searching for a driving instructor there are a few key things you need to know. You are going to be spending a lot of time with this person over the next few months or even a year so…

Driving instructors keep learning with engage too

Driving instructors tell how they keep learning too by volunteering to become part of the Engage scheme