Four years ago this Christmas, 19-year-old Elizabeth Buckley lost her life after a first date ended in tragedy.

The Liverpool John Moores University law student died in a car crash after the driver lost control of his modified car doing 60mph in a 30mph zone.

Elizabeth was cut free from the wreckage after the Toyota Supra smashed into a lamppost and tree but was later pronounced dead in hospital.

Her mother Karen Kujawa has been a strong supporter of the Engage Driving scheme.

She recently spoke to ITV’s Granada Reports team about the devastation Elizabeth’s death has had on her family and warned other young drivers and passengers about the dangers of driving modified cars recklessly.

Karen said: “The loss of a child causes a pain that is indescribable. A pain that doesn’t just affect you but a network of people. A pain that is so excruciating that you wonder how you are still standing never mind functioning.

“That is the life of a bereaved parent. A life that becomes an endurance. A life that can be avoided.

“No rational parent in their right mind would stand back and let their child buy a lethal weapon. So why stand back and let them buy a car that’s so powerful that they can’t control it? A powerful car in inexperienced hands is just as lethal as a gun.

“Most people don’t worry though because they bad things only happen to other people not them. But bad things do happen to good people.

“As parents we have a responsibility to not just keep our children safe but other people’s children too.”

Karen hopes to encourage more driving instructors to take part in the engage scheme and hopes more young drivers choose to learn with an engage-trained instructor.

You can watch the Granada Reports interview with Karen above.