Following a year impacted by Covid-19 restrictions, statistics show the number of young drivers killed on Britain’s roads fell in 2020.

The Government figures reveal 65 drivers between the age of 17-24 years were killed on the roads last year, compared to 88 in 2019. This represents a fall of 26%.

Meanwhile, there were slightly smaller reductions in the number of young drivers killed or seriously injured (down 21% to 1,140) and casualties of all severities (down 23% to 8,336).

Broadly speaking, the young driver casualty figures are in line with the overall picture.

In total, there was a 16% decrease in the overall number of road deaths in 2020 – down from 1,752 to 1,472 – while KSIs fell by 22% to 23,486 and casualties of all severities by 25% to 115,333.

By way of comparison, the reduction in road traffic followed a similar trend in 2020 and decreased by 21%.

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