One in 20 learner drivers have given up trying to pass their test as a result of delays caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, analysis suggests.

While driving tests may have resumed in April, a lengthy backlog still remains for those impacted by 15 months of driving test suspensions and theory test expirations.

A survey of 1,700 learners, carried out by learner and young driver insurance provider Marmalade, found 89% of respondents said the pandemic had delayed them passing their test.

Almost 40% said they now face a wait of five months or longer.

Of the 5% of learners who said they had given up learning to drive, 62% were women and 33% were men.

However, despite the many set-backs learners have faced during the course of the pandemic, 35% of respondents said learning to drive had become more important to them.

Crispin Moger, CEO of Marmalade, said: “Learner drivers have had to overcome many challenges over the last 15 months but we hope they’re through the worst of the struggles now.

“I’m sure learners will be more determined than ever to pass their test – making it all the more sweet when they do.”

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