Cheshire West and Chester Council’s Road Safety Team have been holding Driving Safer for Longer sessions for residents over the age of 60.

Sessions have been free whilst there is funding available, for those wanting to update their knowledge, gain more confidence and improve their driving skills.

They cover information on mobility, lifestyle, impairment, making modifications to vehicles’ and looking at alternative modes of travel, such as public transport.

The sessions have included group talks and smaller workshops in libraries during their Health Week, where the group have been able to use new Virtual Reality headsets, to gain a better understanding of what could easily be missed. 

After attending the session, mature drivers were then offered the opportunity to go out with an experienced, Engage Approved Driving Instructor, for an hour and complete an assessment of their driving.

These ADIs have completed additional training to adapt their teaching skills for the mature driver – many of whom may have been driving for years but may not have looked at the Highway Code for a while.

During the session the ADI observes how the mature driver deals with various traffic situations on familiar roads and makes recommendations to help ensure continual safety. They also help them brush up on their skills and learn some techniques for safer driving.

These free sessions ensure that mature drivers are given additional skills to keep themselves independent for as long as possible.

It is important that people continue to drive and feel confident and safe whilst doing so.