On 13 October Safer Roads Greater Manchester launched a new campaign which calls on drivers to play their part in ensuring people using a cycle are kept safe from harm.

The See the Rider Not the Bike campaign uses images of people going about everyday journeys and reminds motorists of the Highway Code requirement for them to leave at least 1.5-metre gap when overtaking at 30mph, or a bigger gap at higher speeds.

Research shows that people see the behaviour of other road users as the biggest barrier to cycling regularly, with close passing and inattentive driving being two of the most frightening experiences for people riding their bike. 

According to Department for Transport figures, in 2021 five people riding bikes were killed on Greater Manchester roads and 127 were seriously injured. Any death or serious injury on our roads is one too many.  

Over the next four weeks TfGM’s social media accounts will be reminding drivers of the Highway Code updates that were made earlier this year and the role they play in driving responsibly – making Greater Manchester’s roads safer for all road users, particularly cyclists.

For more information about the campaign and the updated highway code guidance please visit:
See the rider not the bike | Transport for Greater Manchester (tfgm.com)




If you are an instructor or a learner who would like to join and support the engage driving scheme you can find out more here