The number of 17-24 year-olds killed in reported road traffic collisions decreased in 2019, continuing the general year-on-year downward trend.

The DfT statistics, published on 30 September, show there were 248 fatalities among this age group in 2019 – compared with 279 in 2018. 

Perhaps more importantly for ADIs, there were fewer young fatalities who were car drivers in 2019 (88 compared to 99 in 2018) and as car passengers (55 compared to 67 in 2018).

There were 26,988 young casualties of all severities, down 6% from 2018.

Looking at the wider picture, the Government has conceded that the evidence points towards Britain being in a period when the number of road fatalities is ‘broadly stable’ but not falling.

The final estimates for 2019 show 1,752 people were killed on roads in Great Britain last year – down from the 1,784 reported in 2018.

However, the Government admits this small decrease may be due to natural variation – adding that the trend in the number of fatalities has been broadly flat since 2010.


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