The Cheshire team, Cheshire Police and National Highways traffic officers joined forces at Car Fest North West this year to deliver Tyre Safety, ‘Close Pass’ and Share the Road messages. A fantastic weekend of collaborative work took place with vital messages delivered to a large number of drivers and riders. 

Summer tyre campaign

National Highway’s ‘Summer Tyre Campaign’ highlighted 1 in 5 motorway breakdowns are caused by tyre problems and drivers are more likely to be involved in a breakdown if tyres are incorrectly inflated. 


Horse and cycle awareness

Cheshire Partnership delivered horse and cycle, ‘close pass’ events during the summer.
A number of motorists were stopped for travelling either too close or too fast past the horse/cyclist. More people than ever are taking to the roads using cycles, and Roads Police Officers and Local Policing Units have been educated in dealing with close pass reported incidents in a positive manner. 


Operation Tramline

Operation Tramline continues to run nationally, and it has been extremely successful in our North West area. The OP Tramline tractor unit continues to be a very useful piece of kit in our armoury to target those drivers who have little regard for their own safety or the safety of other road users.


If you are an instructor or a learner who would like to join and support the engage driving scheme you can find out more here