Road safety organisations have long lobbied for graduated driver licensing (GDL) to be introduced in England in a bid to improve reduce collisions and casualties caused by young drivers.

GDL allows new drivers to build up their driving skills and experience gradually, in well-defined, structured stages. 

Various forms of GDL are already in place in many countries worldwide – typically putting a set of restrictions on new drivers who have recently passed their test.

In the past, GDL has been rejected by the Government due to concerns that it would ‘adversely affect the ability of young people to get on in life’, by potentially restricting their educational and employment prospects.

However in July 2019, the Government said it was considering introducing a GDL scheme in England – as part of a wider road safety action plan published at that time.

The DfT has pledged to “conduct research on what effect different forms of GDL would have in the UK… to help young people deal with any restrictions, and keep them, their passengers and other road users safe”.

The findings of the DfT’s research have yet to be published.

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