Road users across Merseyside are being encouraged to ‘take the pledge’ to be safer and more responsible when using the region’s roads.

Whether a driver, cyclist, motorcyclist or pedestrian, the Merseyside Road Safety Partnership says everyone must ‘share the responsibility’ and do their bit to make the roads safer.

Those who sign the pledge will be sent tips and advice on how to maximise their safety all year round – as well as information on the latest road safety initiatives, engineering solutions and enforcement activities.

The pledge encourages road users to commit to:

Consider the safety of others when I drive, walk or cycle
Drive at an appropriate speed (often slower than the speed limit) on roads across Merseyside
Respect the presence of other, more vulnerable road users
Maintain a high driving standard to influence how others use the roads
Carry out regular checks on my vehicle, including tyres, to ensure my vehicle is safe and roadworthy
Through my actions, I will support the aims of the Merseyside Road Safety Partnership in making our roads safer for me, my family and others – and reducing road casualties


If you are an instructor who would like to join and support the engage driving scheme you can find out more here