Throughout lockdown, the Engage Partnership has been keeping in touch with its members through a combination of social media, quizzes and bi-weekly online partnership meetings.

These sessions were designed to provide useful information and offer support to ADIs in these difficult times.

Ian Edwards from New View Consultants kindly hosted each meeting, providing training, advice and free online resources for instructors to share with their students.

Guest speakers have also joined the meetings, including:

  • Lynne Barrie – ADI trainer and ADIJNC chair
  • Tracey and Kev Field – from Confident Drivers
  • Fiona Rose – marketing and social media expert

If you would like more information on forthcoming meetings please contact:

We’re here to help

Many people across the country are going through difficult times right now, due to the unprecedented challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Driving instructors are no different.

But rest assured, there is always help at hand.

Local authorities in the north west are helping residents during this time and through the Engage Partnership, we are more than happy to direct ADIs to where you can find support in your local area.

So, if you need any help, advice or support, don’t hesitate to get in touch: