Local police forces will be undertaking enforcement next month to educate drivers on the dangers of using a mobile phone at the wheel – and engage are encouraging ADIs to play their part.

Research shows that using a mobile phone while driving multiplies a person’s risk of a serious crash by four times.

Figures published by the DfT show ‘driver using a mobile phone’ was recorded as a contributory factor in 25 fatal collisions during 2018 – and a total of 423 collisions.

Throughout March 2020, enforcement of mobile phone offences will be heightened, as part of a wider National Police Chief’s Council (NPCC) campaign.

ADIs can play their part by reminding learner drivers that using a phone while driving will see them receive six points on their licence and a £200 fine.

This means new drivers who have held their licence for less than two years, run the risk of having their licence revoked for a single offence.

The best advice for young drivers is to put mobile devices in a bag or glove box to avoid temptation.


Instructors who are part of the Engage Driving scheme cover mobile phone use and distraction, as well as other subjects not included in the test, as part of their lessons.

If you are an instructor who would like to join and support the scheme find out more you can find out more here