A wealth of knowledge is imparted to learners as they begin their driving journey – but have you considered the importance of mindfulness?

Well, a short film aimed at young drivers has been launched on the back of research suggesting that mindful driving can improve awareness and increase safety.

‘Keep your Mind in Gear’ has been produced by Brighton and Hove City Council’s road safety team working in partnership with Sussex Mindfulness Centre.

The council points to stats which show one in five young drivers aged 17-19 years are involved in a police reportable collision – with failure to look properly linked to emotional or physical distraction being the biggest collision factor for young drivers in Sussex and nationwide.

Key issues covered in the film include the risk of distraction by mobile phone, passengers, music and emotional issues such as having an argument with a partner while driving.

The film also covers road awareness including approaching a junction and being aware of other traffic and pedestrians.

Keith Baldock, Brighton and Hove’s road safety officer, said: “Research suggests that mindful driving can improve driver awareness and increase driver safety.

“The film is being shown to young people as part of driver awareness courses and within schools and colleges, to get the across the message to young drivers to be less distracted when behind the wheel
“The aim is to introduce the concept of mindfulness to drivers in order to give them a tool to ensure that they are able to fully engage with the road environment when driving.” 

Cheshire West and Chester have included this film in their Road safety delivery in high schools.

Click here to watch the film.


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