ADIs in Merseyside and Cheshire are being asked to recruit students for a national research project which aims to help newly-qualified drivers improve their skills when they begin driving post-test.

‘Driver2020’ aims to understand how learner drivers react to different training approaches and the effect they have on their driving.

The project is being led by the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL), who will compare learner and novice driver interventions through a series of controlled tests.

As part of the ‘largest real-world trial’ of its kind, TRL is seeking to recruit more than 12,000 learner drivers (under the age of 25 years).

The Driving Instructors’ Association (DIA) says it is ‘crucial’ trainers get involved in Driver2020 as it will ‘directly shape driver training, licensing and testing in the future’.

Learner drivers who participate may receive free additional training, e-learning or be asked to download an app to help complement their learning. 

They will also be paid to complete surveys once they have passed their test and have the chance to win prizes for participating in the trial.

Click here to register to take part or for more information visit the Driver2020 website.