The Government has reiterated the importance of keeping vehicles in a roadworthy condition, after granting owners a six-month exemption from MOT testing.

The temporary exemption, which came into effect from 30 March, is designed to ‘enable frontline workers to get to work’ and ‘vital services to continue’ during the coronavirus outbreak.

The DfT stresses that despite the exemption, vehicles must be kept in a roadworthy condition – with garages remaining open for essential repair work.

The DfT warns that drivers can still be prosecuted if found to be driving an unsafe vehicle during this period.

How can you help?
All driving instructors know the importance of keeping their vehicle in a roadworthy condition – and the safety implications of not doing so.

However, not all drivers will heed the message, and may require encouragement.

IAM RoadSmart has published a video to help all drivers and riders to regularly carry out simple safety checks.

The checks cover areas including: tyres, oil, lights and water and screen wash.

Please watch and share: