Learning to drive?

Do you want to just pass your driving test or do you want to be a better, safer driver?

  • Statistics show that one in five newly qualified drivers will be involved in a collision during their first six months on the road.
  • 17 - 20 year old drivers are considered to be ten times more likely to be killed or seriously injured than more experienced drivers.

Engage driving instructors offer a new way of learning to drive.

Engage gives new drivers:

  • skills to pass their driving test
  • confidence to deal with potential dangers after they have passed their test
  • knowledge to keep themselves and their passengers safe
  • awareness of issues such as alcohol & drugs (including medication), distraction, fatigue, speed and seatbelts
  • awareness of vulnerable road users, including cyclists
  • access to e-learning modules (free)
  • £10 gift voucher for completing e-learning
  • opportunity to win an I-pad

Using an Engage driving instructor is no more expensive than using a non-engage instructor.