While lessons with ADIs are suspended, current restrictions mean your learners can get behind the wheel under the supervision of someone from their own household or support bubble – if they are making an essential journey.

Consequently, GEM Motoring Assist is urging anyone supervising a learner driver to ensure they are fully aware of the rules and responsibilities faced while in the passenger seat.

GEM also recommends that supervisors obtain advice from the learner’s driving instructor to find out what has been covered, where there is a particular need for additional practice and what would be the most helpful areas to work on.

With that in mind, it could be worth contacting your learners to see if they are still on the road, and if you can impart any knowledge to them or their supervisor.

Neil Worth, GEM chief executive, said: “Driving practice is a vital component of the learning process and a great way to develop skills and experience. 

“The presence of a calm, friendly and unflappable supervisor will be enormously beneficial in making that process as positive as possible.

“But accepting the role is a big responsibility, and not something you would want to do lightly.

“That’s why we are asking anyone who sits down with a learner to ensure they are fully familiar with the rules of the road (many of which may have been altered or adapted since they were learners) and that they take the responsibility seriously by not being distracted.”


If you are an instructor who would like to join and support the engage driving scheme you can find out more here.

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