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Young drivers in Sussex are involved in approximately 21% of all collisions where someone is killed or seriously injured, yet account for only around 11% of the population. In order to address this issue Sussex Safer Roads have introduced the Graduate initiative for new drivers.

The idea around Graduate is to work closely with Approved Driving Instructors (ADI’s) to support them to work with the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership in delivery of the Graduate scheme to their students. We aim to look at how ADIs can encourage novice drivers to develop coping strategies for the real life issues that face them behind the wheel through the delivery of micro road safety lessons during their driving sessions. Issues such as alcohol, drugs, seatbelt wearing, speed choices, peer pressure, distractions and self-evaluation are all addressed.

We deliver a coaching workshop for our instructors to further develop their coaching skills to help enhance their students’ ability to self-evaluate their own driving performance. The instructors are provided with a complete set of notes to support the micro-lessons and supporting resources and ourselves and Ian Edwards are on hand to advise as necessary.

Four Graduate coaching days for ADIs have already taken place in Sussex and we have 75+ ADIs delivering Graduate across Sussex but are keen to increase this number over the next year.

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