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National statistics show that young drivers are involved in almost a third of all collisions on the roads even though they only make up eight per cent of UK licence holders.  And newly qualified drivers are up to 17 times more likely to crash than an experienced driver.  These are scary facts – particularly for young people that are new to the borough’s roads, and the people that care about them.

Engage NW aims to help people be better and safer drivers.  Engage driving instructors offer a new way of learning to drive, giving those new to the roads more confidence to deal with potential dangers and the knowledge they need to keep themselves and their passengers safe.

The process is simple – learner drivers will receive special tuition on issues such as peer pressure, tiredness, distraction, seatbelts, medication, alcohol and drugs.  Our specialist Engage instructors take part in targeted training to make sure they can provide the extra support their young drivers need. 

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